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Welcome traveler! You've made it to Lawb Headquarters, updating you with any and all reported Lawb sightings. Stay tuned for further details on the degenerate lobster hijinks.


LawbNexus distributedApril 2024


First Reported Ship Hijacking by LawbStation somewhere off coast of Korea, December 2023

lawbster halloween

Reported hijacking and blowing up of a Spirit Halloween SuperStore by Lawbsters in October 2023

LawbStarz sighting in Denver

First Lawbstarz sighting reported March 2023 in Denver Colorado, at Eth Denver Conference 2023. Official statement released to public June 2023.

Red vs Blue Lawbster Race

Illegal Lawbster races occurred at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Ca. Race Footage released to public February 2023.

The Great Cigawrette Packs Cargo Ship Hijacking of 2023

First Lawbsters reportedly sighted Hijacking a Cigawrette Packs cargo ship off the Pacific Coast, February 2023

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